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Magnum Graphic Equipment

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RYOBI 580 Series

The RYOBI 580 and RYOBI 582H, with their high-speed printing of 13,000 sheets per hour, handle a wide range of printing materials in sheet formats up to 580 x 450 mm (22.83 x 17.72") size, with far greater profitability. Operators of these presses save hours of manual labour because operation is lever-free and plate register is remote-controlled. So when you’re ready to add a 4 up 8 x 11 bleed size offset press to your competitive capability, the RYOBI 580 Series can offer three qualities for unmatched productivity and profitability: superior speed, quality, and ease of operation. 

An optional swing away imprinting, numbering and perforating unit is available enhancing the versatility of both models. Using its own impression cylinder there is no lose of printing quality from the main press and set up and changeover from job to job is simplistic.




Max paper size: 22 3/4 x 17 3/4
Max printing speed: 13,000 S.P.H


Offset Press

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Offset Press


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