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Magnum Graphic Equipment

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RYOBI Numbering and Perforating

NP UNITS (Numbering and Perforating)

Designed to run in line with most RYOBI presses, these units can provide linear and cross perfing, numbering (including MICR for cheques) and imprinting without interfering with the offset printing process. Designed to simply roll or swing away when not required, it is far superior to other ad-on type units that are fixed and use the press cylinders for impression. For numbering of pre-collated carbon-less forms, dial in the number of parts (up to nine) and start printing. The numbering repeat sequence is controlled electronically. RYOBI NP units increase productivity and increased profitability.


Numbering and
Perforating Unit

Max paper size: 13 1/4 x 17 3/4
Max printing speed: 10,000 S.P.H

NP51, NPE51

NP52, NPE52

Swing-Away Type In-line
Numbering and Perforating Unit

NP51, NPE51: for Ryobi 512, 512H

NP52, NPE52:
for Ryobi 520x, 520HX, 522HX, 522X, 524 HX

NP58: for Ryobi 580, 582H

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Add-on Type Numbering and
Perforating Unit

Ryobi 3200MCD, 3200CCD, 3300MR, 3300CR

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