The Magnum FormStar

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4 color FormStar press c/w double numbering, filehole, linehole,
lineal slitting and perforating, double cross-perf and combination folder/sheeter/rewinder. 

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Rotary Punching and Filehole Unit
The rotary punching unit has one position for lineal for lineholes and a second position for a file hole cassette. Linehole rings provided are Magna-Cut new generation type, in which the punches and dies are of hardened steel. Lineholes are registered to the press by a helical gear arrangement. Linehole rings are 22" circumference. Chad deflector sleeves are supplied as the file pole position will accept file cassettes ranging from 14" circumference to 28" circumference.
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Magna-Cut Punch and Die Rings
Supplied as standard are Magna-Cut new generation type line hole rings. Only the die shaft is driven, the punch shaft is fixed, the punch rings rotate with on internal bearings. No anti-backlash gear is required. The penetration of the punches into the dies can be adjusted with an eccentric on the punch ring. The major advantages of these rings over conventional rings are:

  • Significantly longer punch and die life.
  • dies can be turned end for end and reused.
  • paper dust is significantly reduced.
  • quality of the punched hole is improved, (less jagged, no cerations)
2 Position Cross Perforation Unit
The 2 position cross perforation unit can accept up to 2 cross perforation cassettes acting against a common hardened anvil cylinder. Cross perforation cassettes are available in circumferences ranging from 11 inches to 24 inches. Cross perforation cylinders can be specified with standard or custom slot spacing ranging from 2 to 8 slots depending on cylinder circumference. Cross perforation cylinders are supplied with a lock-up bar for each slot. Cross perforation cassettes are available with adjustable gears for intermediate perforations or with adjustable and backlash gears for use with zig-zag folders or other business forms type processing. 3 pneumatically operated draw rollers act against this anvil to maintain proper web tension. Linear slit and/or perforation wheels are mounted in pneumatically operated holders and act at against a separate hardened anvil cylinder (three holders are supplied as standard, additional holders are optional.) The unit is registered to the press by a manually adjustable register rack.

Unit Construction
The 2 position cross perforation filehole unit side frames are constructed from 1" / 25mm thick steel plate stress relieved and blanchard ground. Side frames are linked by numerous cross ties. Cross perforation cassette side frames are fabricated from 2" / 51mm thick steel plate. Cross perforation and anvil cylinders are mounted in precision zero clearance tapered roller bearings .

Unit Controls
The 2 position cross perforation unit is equipped with the following controls;

Sllitter/linear perforator on off.
Slitter pressure and pressure gauge.
Linear perforation pressure and pressure gauge.
Draw wheels on off.

Draw wheel pressure and pressure gauge.
Unit register hand wheel.

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